Fashionable Workout ” keep your self Inspired”!

As is well known, must of us set “working out” as one of or New Year resolutions. I also set this as my goal, maybe not just start working out but being more active!!! here are tree tips for you to accomplish your goal.

KEEP YOURSELF MOTIVATED. Find something to do that you find nice and interested to do so you always want to do it. For me this would be dancing, yoga and running!! if you try this and this doesn’t work because you don’t find any of this activities like something you want to do every day or most o the time; maybe, it’s because you get tired of them, find something else that motivates you. For example in my case as a person interested on fashion. Having new outfits and new accessories make me happy, so when I go shopping I’ll try buy some active wear that will motivate me to work out.   For me pulling up and old pair of sweats wasn’t going to keep me motivate to reach my goal, so I went ahead and bought my self this really cute active wear and accessories form Lulu Lemon, Lucy, and Nike.I bought 4 Lulu Lemon and Lucy outfits plus a NIKE Fuel Band ( If you want me to explain what it is or what it does live a comment in the bar below and I’ll post everything about it).

proxy Nike-Rose-Gold-Fuel-Band-598x340406749-nike-fuelband-se

DO IT WITH SOMEONE. Find friends or family that support you and want to workout with you so you have someone to have fun with. My  sister, she loves running and she inspires me to go with her and run not because I know I’m going to have fun and company doing it. Plus I know if she is with me and I’m tired and want to give up, she wont let me do it.


and last but no least, “JUST DO IT”  start working out and don’t give up.


  XOXO, Jen.


Disclaimer: This review it’s not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, all opinions expressed in this post are as always honest and true,

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