What’s inside of my IPSY Bag? “Floral Fantasy” | March 2015

A few days ago I got my first IPSY Bag, and I am really exited to share what I got with you guys, along with my thoughts on the product and the service overall… Let’s start!

My first thought was about the bright pink shipping packaging bag that the signature makeup bag comes in with; that right there totally caught my attention, then I went ahead and opened it; I was very surprise about everything that came inside of the blue/flowered pattern makeup bag, design inspired under the Spring time and named “Floral Fantasy” I love it!. Anyway…I was given a few, full size products, and a bush, that, got me very excited. And without any more further ado, and me finally stop the blabbering here’s what I got on IPSY Bag!


And I also got very excited and I took pictures of all of the swatches I made to share it with you guys! I also need to mention that I love the brush I got, It’s a concealer brush from Crown Brushes that I mostly use to apply cream based products on my face; the oil treatment I may add that smells really good and I honestly haven’t seen any changes towards the usage of it onto my hair.

PicMonkey Collage

Overall I loved this month IPSY Bag, It is totally worth more money than the 10$ subscription that I paid, at least this is the case with this month bag. I will keep on being subscribed to this amazing company.

Hope my review and thoughts was helpful for you guys, let me know your thoughts, suggestions, requests, also let me know if you have any questions regarding the product. Don’t forget to share it with your peeps and give us your feedback! until next time! muah!

Allie, TeamGlamItUp, XOX.

Disclaimer: This blog it’s not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, and all opinions expressed in here are as always our own, honest and true, the pictures shown in here are also ours.

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