Featured Makeup Look: “Sexy Smokes”

Hello Guys! I was feeling so inspired to do my makeup and blog it to you, and so I put an extra effort when I was doing it, I had so much fun though, let me know if you want more blogs like this one… Anyway!… You guys have no idea, how much I love a good old Smokey Eye! And I think I quite mastered the perfect method/technique to create one.

I mainly use 3 or 4 colors, but most of the times I’ll do 3: A super dark shade, a medium shade, a light shade (4th optional color), and a nude highlight (can either be with or without shimmer).

When applying, I start from Top (Brow) to Bottom (Lid area); If you start from the from the top, you help your smokey eye by creating a base for the gradient effect from going dark to light, if that makes any sense. let me explain with steps.

1. Apply your highlighting shade on the brow bone and bring the remaining shadow down towards the crease.

2. Pack on the darkest shade on your lid and bring the remaining that’s left on the brush towards the crease.

3. Grab the medium shade and blend into the crease, creating windshield wiper motions to help you blend, whenever you feel like you are all blend out and ready to go, take a second look and blend again, the key for the perfect smokey eye it’s how well blended the shadows are.

3.A (If you are using 4 colors) Use the medium shade to help blend out the darkest shade you placed onto the lid, after that’s blended use the light shade in between the medium shade and the highlight shade, right on the upper side of the crease working it a little bit towards the lower part of the brow bone.

4. Go over the darkest shade and pack a little bit more of the shadow onto your lid.

5. Create a gradient effect with the bottom lash and make it connect with the whole eye.

6. Finish off with some tight-line and eyeliner onto the lower lash-line and don’t forget mascara!

After following these simple steps you should be left with something like this… What do you guys think!? and yeah, sorry about my weird-looking faces. lol. but you get the idea…

PicMonkey Collage

To finish off the look I applied a very soft peach blush and went with nude lips. I also like to reapply concealer after I’m done with the eyes, this will make your colors pop out more.

Hope my thoughts and tips were helpful for you guys, let me know your thoughts, suggestions, requests; and also let me know if you have any questions regarding the makeup look. Don’t forget to share it with your peeps and give us your feedback! until next time! muah!

Allie, TeamGlamItUp, XOX.

Disclaimer: This blog it’s not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, and all opinions expressed in here are as always our own, honest and true, the pictures shown in here are also ours.


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