JUSTFAB most have boots haul &review !!

Fall for me it’s the best season of the year; It is not too hot, not too cold, It’s just perfect. The best part is that we get to use all type of boots we want and always be on style with the season. I love all types of boots, heeled boots, flat boots,ankle boots,knee high boots, and combat boots. It’s still really warm in CA, but I wanted to be ready with my JUSTFAB boots!!!! I know I promised this blog about 3 weeks ago , but I had some problems with the fitting of the boots. I sent  two pairs back and exchange them one for a bigger size and the other one a smaller size, we can never be sure when it comes to sizes specially ith boots. I’ts been a week since my amazing JUSTFAB boots arrived and I’ve been using them since then so I am finally ready to tell you guys what I think.*/

JUSTFAB have an incredible boot collection to help us all to be ready for the fall or every occasion. I found three pairs of boots from the collection which I think are absolutely necessary for the season. Remember guys when it comes to the size of shoes, make your choice base on your own experience with shoes because sizes change according to the style and brand. I also get this question a lot “Is it comfortable to walk with?” I try to give you guys a general answer. Although I did try to use this boots in all the different activities possible that came to my mind, You need to keep in mind that the activities that i realized and the time I did them might be different than yours. Lets start with the service, it was amazing!! I couldn’t do the return online because It wouldn’t let me keep a pair and send two back. It wanted for me to send everything, so I called customer service and the people was really nice. The entire process of the exchange was fast and easy, I loved it.!!



I chose this style because they look though and elegant at the same time. I really like these boots they are really versatile and a wardrobe staple. This style is all about the details, It can be pair for a casual and elegant day look. The size runs half a size too large, so I was a little disappointed when it didn’t fit me, but know that I have  right size I can tell you guys, this boots are amazing!  Are they comfortable to walk with? They are comfortable enough to go shopping with them.  I bought them in dark brow and I have been styling them with pixie pants, denim, tank tops and jackets.






This boot are amazing!!! they can give a lot of personality to a simple outfit. I first got hem and they were to small they run one size small so I had to order them a size bigger and sill were feeling a little to tight from my caves, I took the to Nordstroms so they could stretch them out for me. The process was really fast it barely took 2 hours for they to have them read for me. the boots are pretty, simple and with an army style, they are really nice but no so comfortable to walk for long distance or going shopping.! You guys might know by now I love walking and I love for my shoes to have style and also to be comfortable. If you guys are looking for a long comfort his boots might not be the most appropriate ones. this Armey boots are pretty and nice but they are my less favorite from the entire purchased.


raine Perfect size and perfect fit .Some boots tend to run half size bigger or smaller, but this ones are in the accurate size and fit scale. I chose this boots because they are wide calf and they are so pretty and classy that need it to be in my wardrobe. I’v been wearing them for a while now and they are comfortable to walk with. I have wore the when it was raining and they are perfect!. I like to pair them with pretty leg warmers skinny jeans and oversize sweaters. my favorite boots!!!

Well you guys this are all my comments about my incredible boots. I hope you guys like it. If you bought any pair of shoes from JustFab post a picture an live a comment in the comment bar below also tweet me a picture @TeamGlamItUpp If you guys want to go check  the have a extended ciber monday until midnight tonight 12/03/2014. treat your self con amazing deals at justfab.

XOX, Jen.


Disclaimer: This review it’s not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, all opinions expressed in this post are as always honest and true, the pictures shown here are also our own.

Hair Care Haul

Recently I went on a little shopping spree for hair care and got so many cool stuff, Some of them I have tried before and some are new and exiting. I’ve been using most of this products this past week and I can give you a mini review of all of the products. If you guys want a more in-depth review and DEMO of the product make sure to leave a comment in the comments section down below or contact us through all of our media platform, we love hearing from you <3.

WithWP_000779out more further a do. Let’s jump right into the HAUL!

Fist thing I got was the was the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil, I got a little sample of this big wonder, tried it, finished all up, and ended up being totally in love with this product.

This little baby helped my hair to gain body, shine, and just be more healthy overall; this doesn’t make you have the “appearance of healthy hear” it actually gives you healthy hair over time. It has a light weight formula that leaves your hair shiny and with a lot of hydration without weighing it down, it’s just so awesome. I would totally recommend this if you have really damaged hair regardless of the type of damage that you may have, it’s really worth the shot. I would also said that it’s best to use it on wet to damped hair for better absorbance and for more lightweight feeling, but you can also use after you styled the hair as a seal.

I was running out of my Guardian Angel Heat Protectant, and so I decided to go for something a little bit more high-end, and also they had a 2 for the price of one deal, that I just couldn’t resist. And I ended up getting 2 bottles of the KENRA Platinum Blow-Dry Mist. WP_000781

When it comes to this product I have, some kind of love and hate relationship. First of all I just want to address the fact I use this product for Blow-Drying purposes as well as Flat Ironing or Curling Iron, that being said!. I totally HATE the greasy feeling that it gives when you are flat or curling ironing your hair and the first finish result its just a greasy hair, and the first thing that crosses your mind is: “oh gosh!, look at all of this oily mess and I just washed my hair today” and once you are finished and you let you hair settle for a little while, you just end up with this amazing bouncy hair that is also full of body. and that’s what’s makes me keep reaching for this product.

Also my hair has been showing less and less split ends, ever since I started using this mist. I would recommend it, because it’s a good product the end result it’s beautiful, the smell it’s just right, and it really does cuts down the styling time.


I also got the It’s a 10 Miracle leave-in PLUS Keratin, Just cause I wanted to try it out, and guess what!? This is perfect to use in your hair care routine to avoid UV damage and protects, or just as a leave-in conditioner that has that little extra something. This is just an easy no brainer type of product that you cannot go wrong with it. additionally helps by cutting down blow drying time, gives amazing softness, detangles, seals cuticules for extra silky hair, restores hydration balance. I love this product in my hair routine, it’s just the perfect extra something that my dried/heat/colour damaged hair could ask for.  BTW I also got the original formula, they are both good but the keratin that this one has, it just helps my hair to be more stronger, that’s why from now on I’ll be buying this one instead. WP_000778

remember that too much protein in the hair can damage it as well.

I was feeling adventurous that day at the ULTA Store, and saw this new line (at least new to me) and smelled it, and I was hooked. but let me tell you this silk express, it no joke, it really just go and do the job right in the second; I use it on wet/damped hair and once it’s dry, my hair it’s just so soft, looks healthy and smells amazing. Although I don’t know if this product just gives you the feeling of healthy looking hair instead of repairing it, but regardless of that It hasn’t done anything bad for my hair and I just love the way it feels. So I will highly recommend it if you want that amazing feeling of healthy and silky hair.

Let me know if you liked the Haul, and your thoughts on the products I bought, also let me know if you are currently using any of this or any new product that you think that I need to try out and do a review on it.

Don’t forget to give us your feedback, We love hearing from you guys ❤

XX. Allie. TeamGlamItUp.

Disclaimer: This review it’s not sponsored, the products shown in here were purchased with our own money, and all opinions expressed in here are as always honest and true, the pictures shown in here are also our own.